Hey, I am Adnan, and I started this website a few years ago with the aim to create a free online space where wireless technologies are explained in plain English. There is enough complexity in our daily lives already with technological advancements happening all the time, so why complicate things further just for the sake of using some fancy words? I have been lucky enough to have worked for some of the largest mobile operators and vendors globally, and I feel it is my moral obligation to help simplify things where I can.

You can have a look at my LinkedIn profile if you are interested. Please bear in mind that whatever you see on this website is my personal view based on my experiences gained within the industry over the last two decades. Therefore, none of the words on this website represent my current or previous employers. Here is a link to my ‘Terms of Use’ page which explains all the legal aspects of this website. I also recently created a LinkedIn page for this website which you can find by clicking here.

I do a lot of research in a personal capacity for writing my blog posts, so hopefully, my efforts here can save you some valuable time. If you are interested in a topic that I haven’t yet covered, please feel free to drop me a note through this contact us page. I love learning about new technologies as much as I love writing about them when I have learnt.

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