5G Networks

What is Massive MIMO in 5G?

The 5G (fifth-generation) mobile networks use a range of different technologies to provide a much better experience to customers than the earlier 4G LTE networks. MIMO – Multiple Input Multiple Output is an antenna technology that was introduced in the 4G LTE networks, but its enhanced version, Massive MIMO, is an essential building block in …

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5G vs 4G: Is 5G better than 4G?

Whenever a new cellular technology is introduced, people wonder whether or not to upgrade. One of the key questions in everyone’s mind is usually around the benefits of the new technology over the earlier one. Mobile operators generally price the new technology a bit higher than the earlier one by charging premium rates for the …

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What does 5G mean?

The 5G mobile networks are now active in many countries, and as you expect with any new technology, a lot has already been written on the topic. But when I, as an internet user, read some of the articles, I find many unsubstantiated claims about the meaning of 5G, the average 5G speeds and even …

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