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Difference between spatial multiplexing and spatial diversity

Spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing are two techniques in wireless communications that are often mentioned together in the context of smart antenna systems, MIMO-Multiple Input Multiple Output. MIMO has been part of mobile communications since the HSPA-High Speed Packet Access evolution that allowed 3G UMTS networks to considerably improve data rates for the users. Furthermore, …

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What is Massive MIMO in 5G?

The 5G (fifth-generation) mobile networks use a range of different technologies to provide a much better experience to customers than the earlier 4G LTE networks. MIMO – Multiple Input Multiple Output is an antenna technology that was introduced in the 4G LTE networks, but its enhanced version, Massive MIMO, is an essential building block in …

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UMTS: What is a 3G UMTS network?

While many of us mostly think about 4G and 5G as the key mobile technologies in recent times, the third-generation (3G) cellular technologies arguably were game-changers in the mobile telecom industry. Before 3G, the perception of mobile phones was primarily voice, text and a limited amount of web browsing. With 3G, video streaming on a …

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What is the meaning of LTE?

LTE is a mobile cellular technology originally introduced in the Scandinavian cities of Stockholm and Oslo in 2009. Since then, it has seen several enhancements and has been one of the most widely deployed technologies worldwide. As we enter the 5G era in many countries, LTE is expected to stay for a long time alongside …

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What is an IMEI number?

Even though the IMEI number has been a vital part of mobile equipment as a device identifier, the interest in IMEI has grown over time, especially as smartphones became more popular. Thanks to the iOS and Android platforms, it has become a lot easier than before to find device information, including IMEI numbers. IMEI is …

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What does 5G mean?

The 5G mobile networks are now active in many countries, and as you expect with any new technology, a lot has already been written on the topic. But when I, as an internet user, read some of the articles, I find many unsubstantiated claims about the meaning of 5G, the average 5G speeds and even …

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