Mobile Communications Simplified!

Introduction To Mobile Communications – Pro Series

A simplified view of mobile communications for professionals who are new to the industry. You can either attend some orientations or courses to build a basic understanding of mobile telecoms, which could take time -OR- you get these slides, grab a coffee (not included) and just read the slides at your own pace.

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Are you new to mobile communications and trying to get your head around this ever-changing industry without spending days reading hefty books? When you are a professional, it is often easier to review well-documented slides that are punchy and straight to the point. That way, you can focus on what is really important and make the most of your time. Introduction To Mobile Communications –Pro Series is a slide deck carefully designed for professionals like you who may be preparing for a big meeting or a job interview in a short amount of time.

This slide deck should give you good enough information on mobile telecoms if you work in product management, marketing, sales, or project management. We also have links throughout this deck to our detailed posts on some of the topics if you need more details. This document is not for engineers who are already familiar with mobile communications. However, if you are an engineer, these slides can give you a good overview of the industry, and depending on your needs, the web links can help you find further details on any of the topics. Have a look at ‘What’s in the deck’ for more information on the list of contents.

So, if you are meeting someone from a mobile operator or vendor tomorrow and you know absolutely nothing about mobile communications, don’t worry; we are here to help. These slides will give you a guided tour of the industry in a simplified and summarized way.

What’s in the deck?

  • What is mobile communications?
  • Is there a difference between mobile and cellular networks?
  • What exactly is a cell in mobile communications?
  • Is my phone called a smartphone or cell phone, or mobile phone?
  • TELCO BUSINESS – Slides 8-15
  • Who are the key entities in the telco ecosystem?
  • A visual representation of the key players
  • Who is a mobile network operator?
  • Who is a mobile network vendor?
  • Challenges for mobile operators and vendors
  • What kind of customers mobile operators have?
  • What about the other players?
  • Generations of mobile networks
  • Mobile network technologies
  • What is a frequency spectrum?
  • What is 4G?
  • What is 5G?
  • Inter-related technology concepts
  • Main parts of a mobile network
  • Radio network
  • Core network
  • Transport network
  • Abbreviations
  • About the author
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