Hey, I am Adnan, and I started this website a few years ago to create a free online space where wireless technologies like mobile communications are explained properly in an easy-to-understand language. I am sure you would agree that wireless technologies can be a little complex to understand sometimes. It isn’t hard to get lost, especially when people start throwing obscure terminologies into the mix. Did you know that most (if not all) of the wireless industry standards are very well-documented, and you can find a white paper on almost any topic? However, it isn’t always easy for everyone to be able to ‘translate’ all that into plain English. That is where the industry experience comes in handy. I’ve been associated with mobile communications since 2003 and have spent most of my time in product management of telecom products and services for some of the largest players on the market. This website is my personal space where I like to share with the world what I’ve learnt over the years to help anyone who needs a little bit of guidance. If you are interested in a topic that I haven’t yet covered, do let me know through the contact us page, and I will try to write on that topic as soon as I can.

I would like to add here that everything you see on this website is my personal view based on the personal experiences gained within the industry over the last two decades. None of the words on this website represent my current or previous employers. Here is a link to my ‘Terms of Use‘ page, which explains all the legal stuff surrounding this website. If you are on LinkedIn, you may check out my professional profile for more information about my background. Also, you can follow the dedicated LinkedIn page I recently created for Commsbrief, where I plan to share any new posts.

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