Mobile Communications Value Pack – 3 in 1

Introduction To Mobile Communications – Pro Series
Mobile Communications Technologies Made Easy– 3rd Ed.
Mobile Networks Made Easy

A full package to help you get introduced to mobile communications in no time. My tip: Start with Introduction to Mobile Communications to build a broader understanding. Then, review Mobile Communications Technologies Made Easy to get more familiar with the underlying technologies. Finally, check out Mobile Networks Made Easy to familiarise yourself with the network entities.

My Checkout

Total price with discount when bought separately $31.97. Buy the value pack for $24.99 (Including sales tax)

What is included in the value pack?

1 – Introduction To Mobile Communications – Pro Series (RRP: 24.99 – Included)

Do you have an important meeting with a mobile operator or vendor, and you know nothing about the telco industry? Don’t worry; we can help you prepare for the discussion. These slides will give you a simplified guided tour of the industry so you can cover the basics while learning about the challenges operators and vendors face.

2 – Mobile Communications Technologies Made Easy– 3rd Ed. (RRP: $9.99 – Included)

We now have the new edition of Mobile Communications Technologies Made Easy. It is a new book with updated 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G sections. The 5G section is more detailed than the free edition. It provides just the right level of information to give you a basic understanding of the different generations of mobile networks and associated network technologies.

3 – Mobile Networks Made Easy (RRP: $9.99- Included)

Mobile cellular networks can be hard to understand, especially for those who are new to the industry. A simplified view of mobile cellular networks for a professional audience.

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